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About us

Brings communication to life

Digital signage is all about reaching out with a message. We help our customers make their message more attractive, targeted, effective and easily accessible.

Digital signage – from strategy to unique solution.

Our brand

The name MultiQ was created over 30 years ago. We have decided to use our name to define the corporate culture that is important to us.


Motivation is essential to success. The inner drive to want to do wonders.


To have a vision and be able to inspire both colleagues and customers.


Ours is a workplace that encourages staff to develop different skills and believe in the power of the imagination.


A strong community attracts and keeps great talent.


Trust must be earned. The trust of our employees and our customers is what allows the company to develop.


Quality leads to success. One of our key words from the very start.

Corporate history

The company was founded in 1988 and has its head office in Lund, Sweden. It also has offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Aarhus and London. Partners represent the company in other countries.

MultiQ is a public company listed on the Small Cap index of NASDAQ Stockholm.