The power of Digital Signage

Connects with customer emotions, enhances the customer journey and drives business growth.

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Are you a MultiQ digital signage customer?
Our digital signage operation is now a part of Grassfish.

MultiQ is now part of Vertiseit Group, companies that offer innovative digital solutions that strengthen the customer in-store experience. Grassfish and Dise operate as separate subsidiaries. Grassfish is a strategic partner within Digital In-store and Dise is a global platform company.


Are you a MultiQ digital signage customer? MultiQ is now a part of Grassfish. We believe that outstanding experiences make all the difference. Together we enable extraordinary digital in-store experiences every day.


The global gaming market has set out on the same digital journey as the retail trade. Digital signage assists in enhancing the customer experience, creates brand awareness and increases sales.


Making all vehicles smarter for the operators, drivers and passengers. Initiatives that increase the number of passengers, improve the travel experience and make the public transport the obvious choice for citizens.

MultiQ Display

Our customers want displays that are robust, have a long service life, are designed for 24/7 operation and can be customized. Find the display that suits you the best. MultiQ offers displays in all shapes and sizes.


Your time is valuable. We believe that content management should take up as little of your working day as possible. A platform that offers a modern interface, smart integrations, application hub and a great overview. Brilliant results with less effort.