Passenger experience

Ensure the growth of public transport by increasing the flow of information. Travelers expect up-to-date and reliable traffic information on buses and trains and at stations and platforms.

Seamless passenger information


Infotainment offers a good mix of information and entertainment. Traffic information updated in real time helps passengers plan their journeys. The information displayed can include arrival times, routes, delays and connections. Entertainment makes the journey more fun and seem shorter.


Shows the destination and the bus number. The system makes it easy to manage the signs remotely, and the signs can be used for additional information if required.


We offer a wide range of outdoor signs for installation at stops and stations. The displays can show timetables for buses and trains, count downs and traffic disruptions.

Voice announcement

Audio-visual ‘next stop’ announcements make travel easier. They help passengers travel more confidently, especially in new areas. The digital voice gets the information from the onboard system.