The regional public transport administration in the far south of Sweden, Skånetrafiken, wants to enhance the passenger experience on its trains and buses.

MultiQ has equipped all Skånetrafiken´s local trains with an infotainment system. This is a channel of communication whose purpose is to help make the journey entertaining. Besides information on Skånetrafiken´s services, the passenger receives constantly updated information on weather, traffic and general news.

Skånetrafiken has the target of doubling public transportation in the city in the next few years. A new feature of urban traffic is MalmoExpressen, extra-long buses with enhanced comfort. The infotainment system in the buses consists of two screens. One screen shows traffic and on the other, customers receive news and information from Skånetrafiken. As well as trains and buses, the infotainment system has been set up at all the underground stations in the city.

By using MultiQ´s solution Skånetrafiken has succeeded in enchanging the customer experience both before and during the journey.

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