"We have found MultiQ to be a highly flexible and focused partner in the development of new digital information solutions for Movia's latest high-class bus concept."

portrait pernille jorgensen– Pernille Jørgensen
Area Manager
Trafikselskabet Movia


Interview with Pernille Jørgensen, Area Manager Trafikselskabet Movia

Movia is the largest transport company in Denmark and is responsible for all bus and local railways in Zealand, Lolland and Falster. Movia assists municipalities and regions to ensure that public transport is an attractive and environmentally friendly welfare service for citizens. The company transports more than 215 million passengers every year.

What is Movia’s view of digital information in public transport?
Digital traffic information is an essential form of communication with users of public transport. Bus, train and metro customers want up-to-date, real-time information about departure times, options for changing between lines or modes of transport and in general when things happen that interfere with the journey they have planned. They want to be informed by the transport company about delays, changes and cancellations as early as possible, as it allows them to make changes to their journey or call and tell others that they will be delayed. When the transport company shares information as soon as it is known, customers feel that they are being taken seriously.

What kind of information is needed and how should different types of information be integrated?
Information about the current journey is the most important information. We distinguish between two types of travel - 1. Customers making an unfamiliar journey and 2. Customers making a familiar journey. The former need confirmation that they are on the right track and will be helped along the journey. The latter need confirmation that everything is as expected. This means that information about change options, the time until the next departure and disturbances and alterations is very important.

What strengths does MultiQ have as a partner?
We have found MultiQ to be a highly flexible and focused partner in the development of new digital information solutions for Movia's latest high-class bus concept.

What advice can you give a similar business that wants to invest in digital information?
Digital information is an investment area for most PTO´-s/PTA’-s around the world. It is rarely difficult to introduce new information channels. The essential task is to make sure that they are so user-friendly that they appear intuitive to the user.  The challenge is to be able to close the old analogue ways of providing information. Movia's advice is to work hard on closing those analogue channels, so you can focus your resources and budget on making the best possible digital solutions.

How does Movia believe that the digital flow in public transport will develop in the future?
Movia expects that more information will be shared across modes of transport and companies in order to provide the customer with the best possible service on the entire journey. In the future, the information will include not only public transport but also the newer transport solutions such as city bikes, shared cars, etc. - what is known as Mobility as a Service. In addition, we expect that customers will have even higher expectations of what we know about them and their needs because of the many digital fingerprints they leave in everything they do. We need to find solutions to meet these expectations so that our information becomes even more relevant to the individual.

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