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Intelligent Transport Solutions – for a smarter journey

ITS is all about integration and connecting technologies. Making all vehicles smarter for their operators, drivers and passengers. With many years of experience, innovative technology and in-depth understanding of public transport, we create unique solutions.

The heart of the onboard system is the Communication Control Unit, which is easily integrated with both the operating centre and all the equipment and systems on board.


CCTV cameras create a safe environment for both the driver and the passengers.

CCTV Cameras

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The Driver Control Unit gives the driver a full overview of the current position of the bus in relation to the timetable. It allows the driver to manage signs and voice announcements and access the system for communication with the operations office.


Usually shows the destination and the number of the bus. The system makes it easy to manage the signs remotely, and the signs can be used for more information if necessary.

Destination Signage

A control system that provides an overview of traffic flow and makes it easy to create reports. Display options include deviations from the timetable, departure time, time between stops, time at each stop and arrival time. You can follow the movement of a vehicle such as position, speed, direction, etc.

Fleet Management

Infotainment offers a good mix of information and entertainment. Traffic information updated in real time helps passengers plan their journeys. The information displayed includes arrival times, routes, delays and connections. Entertainment makes the journey more fun and seem shorter.


Accurate passenger flow statistics allow you to adapt to and predict resource use. Cameras with sensors are located at all the doors of the vehicle. Passenger data is then linked to the vehicle’s other real-time data.

Passenger Counter

Audio-visual ‘next stop’ announcements make travel easier. They help passengers travel more confidently, especially in new areas. The digital voice gets the information from the onboard system. Additional information can be used in a sound playlist.

Voice Announcement

We have a wide range of outdoor signs for installation at stops and stations. The displays can show timetables for buses and trains, countdowns, delays, news feeds, etc.

Outdoor Signs

Allowing passengers to surf the internet during their journey or interact with public transport apps.


What our customers value

We have found MultiQ to be a highly flexible and focused partner in the development of new digital information solutions for Movia’s latest high-class bus concept.

Pernille Jørgensen

Area Manager, Trafikselskabet Movia

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