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Infotainment is a combination of information and entertainment. It is a modern means of communicating easily with passengers and enhances their travel experience.

We were looking for a partner that is both innovative and has a deep understanding of public transport.

Pernilla Lyberg

Head of Product and Marketing, Skånetrafiken


We live in a connected world. Information is essential to passengers. Infotainment permits passengers to see the current location of their vehicle and the time to the next stop. Our system is easy to integrate with other systems. GPS lets you display route information, connections and traffic disruption. Messages can also be adapted based on the location of the vehicle. Customers get the right information at the right place at the right time. Infotainment adds value with rapid, direct, relevant information.


The entertainment part of infotainment creates an attractive travel experience and reduces the perceived travel time. The content displayed includes news, weather, advertising, film clips and quizzes. Advertisers can choose when their ads are displayed and on which route.

How it might look


Gatwick Airport

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