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"At Intersport our customer is king – it has always been this way, but the last years the relationship between the customer and retailer has changed. The customer expects seamless retail, where digital and physical stores melt together. Time to marked is key, and we needed a solution to make our digital campaigns visible in our stores. We had a clear idea, and MultiQ was able to think out of the box and work together with Intersport Group Denmark to make a perfect solution."

portrait quote intersport– Thomas Just Rasmussen
Intersport Group Denmark, COO and Co-Owner


Interview with Thomas Just Rasmussen

‘Sport for the People’ is Intersport’s tagline. Intersport helps people choose the equipment that will give them maximum enjoyment.

Customers expect increasingly seamless retail between online and in-store. What has Intersport done to become more seamless?
Our aim is to ensure continuity in all our marketing. Customers should see no difference between Intersport online and everywhere else, i.e. in-store and in printed media.

How do you use digital signage?
Each store has 2 action screens showing this week’s campaigns. The content is synched with our online store. The products on offer are displayed near the screens. Some stores also have a PowerWall at the cash desk, three screens in a row with Intersport’s profile campaigns and brand-building material.

Do you plan to develop your digital communication in-store?
The retailer/customer relationship is changing fast, so we constantly need to develop our communication media. Everything we do is based on customer demand. So Intersport is always

looking at new digital solutions like kiosk solutions or digital solutions supporting in-store functions like click ‘n’ collect.

Why choose MultiQ as your partner?
MultiQ was chosen for its obvious flexibility and willingness to change. MultiQ understood our need to create campaigns in one system and then automatically generate spots that could be viewed instore. This made our work flow more efficient, reducing costs and resource consumption, while ensuring continuity in our communication with customers. MultiQ was able to think outside the box and deliver both the technical solution and the important workflow management that kept project costs down. To sum up, MultiQ was willing to change and be flexible and they ensured low cost of ownership. As they are a total solution provider, the choice was easy.

Do you have any tips for industry colleagues who want to invest in digital signage?
Customer behaviour has become relatively unpredictable as demand can now be met online. This means that retailers have to be able to meet sudden demand and communicate that they are able to do so. We have to be highly flexible. Based on this, my advice is to find a supplier of digital solutions for the retail channel that shares these qualities and understands that consumers must always be the focus, with the services provided supporting this.

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