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Umove A/S chooses ITS solution from MultiQ

Mar 26, 2021 | News

The Danish bus company Umove A/S has signed an agreement with MultiQ regarding a total solution for ITS (Intelligent transport systems) in buses. The agreement applies to the buses covered by Trafikselskabet Movia’s tender A19, which Umove has previously won. Delivery will take place in the second half of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. The order value is estimated at approximately 7M DKK.

‚ÄúPublic transport contributes to creating welfare and societal benefits. To attract new travelers, public transport needs to constantly improve the travel experience. It is both inspiring and gratifying to be involved in the ongoing digitization process. Umove A/S has a strong focus on the environment and safety. Our collaboration began two years ago, and we look forward to a continued collaboration”, says Mads Henrik Hansen, CEO of MultiQ Denmark.

Umove A/S is one of Denmark’s largest operators in public transport. The company already uses MultiQ’s solutions in Roskilde and Randers.

Digitization and an increased flow of information will contribute to future growth in public transport.

In order to create the optimal travel experience, communication is required, and several different sources of information must be connected. Travelers want up-to-date and reliable traffic information in vehicles, at stations, on platforms and at stops. The traffic management system communicates with drivers and uses real-time information to be able to provide an overview of traffic and control it more efficiently. Collected data information helps the responsible authority or transport company to make informed decisions. MultiQ offers a complete IT solution adapted to all needs.

In Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region, there is now increased digitalization for smarter and smoother travel. These initiatives aim to increase the number of passengers using public transport. ITS contributes to improving the travel experience and making public transport the obvious choice for citizens. By taking public transport, we all contribute to a greener society.