The bus company Anchersen strengthens the collaboration with MultiQ

Mar 31, 2021

Anchersen Bus - Digital signage from MultiQ

The Danish bus company Anchersen signs an agreement with MultiQ regarding a total solution for ITS (Intelligent transport systems) in buses. The agreement applies to the buses covered by Trafikselskabet Movia’s tender A19X, which Anchersen has previously won. Delivery will take place in the second half of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. The order value is estimated at approximately 6 MDKK.

“Our collaboration with Anchersen began just over a year ago and we now look forward to developing our collaboration further. Digitization and an increased flow of information will contribute to the future growth of public transport. The fact that Anchersen has chosen us as a partner shows that we offer value in the market. We offer a complete IT solution adapted to all information needs in public transport “, says Mads Henrik Hansen, CEO of MultiQ Denmark.

“MultiQ already has a strong position in public transport. It is incredibly gratifying that public transport in general in Denmark is investing so much in increased digitalization. The travel of the future means being able to offer smart information that simplifies for both travelers, traffic management and authorities “, says Henrik Esbjörnson, CEO of MultiQ.

In Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region, there is now increased digitalization for smarter and smoother travel. Such initiatives will lead to an increased number of passengers in public transport. ITS contributes to improving the travel experience and making public transport the obvious choice for citizens. By taking public transport, we all contribute to a greener society.