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Skånetrafiken is continuing to invest in digital communication for smarter, smoother public transport. The order adds to the existing infotainment solution and will cover just over 150 buses in Malmö, Söderslätt and Landskrona. The order value is approximately SEK 5.5 million and delivery is expected to be in autumn 2018.

Major efforts are being made to increase the number of passengers on public transport in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. Passengers today want efficient, attractive transport, and they need better information and more of it during their journeys. MultiQ offers a solution called infotainment, a combination of information and entertainment. Real-time traffic information shows connections, the route and stops, helping passengers plan their journeys. Entertainment makes the journey more fun and makes it seem shorter.

“We have partnered Skånetrafiken for several years and we are very proud to play a part in their work to enhance the travel experience for their passengers. Interest in digital communication in public transport is growing throughout the Nordics, and Skånetrafiken is one of the leaders in this field,” says Lars Pålsson, acting CEO of MultiQ.

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