Skånetrafiken continues to invest in infotainment from MultiQ

Jan 19, 2022 | News

Skånetrafiken has ordered infotainment for buses under a framework agreement. Delivery is expected to take place when the buses enter service in December 2022. The total order value of the current orders is approximately SEK 6.4 million.

Skånetrafiken’s long-term goal for 2030 is to achieve a 40 per cent market share of all motorised journeys in the county. To attract new passengers and retain existing ones, customer experience is a top priority.

Using infotainment on its buses and trains, Skånetrafiken can communicate digitally with its customers. Digital displays, infotainment, show passengers their current location and the time to the next stop. They get real-time information about connections and disruption. Skånetrafiken can quickly give its passengers information. As well as traffic information, the displays show campaigns, offers, news and the weather. Infotainment is a mix of real-time traffic information and entertainment. The displays will add value and contribute to a reduction in perceived travel time.

Investments in digitisation are contributing to smarter, smoother travel, while making public transport the obvious travel choice for Skåne residents.

“We are proud that Skånetrafiken chose to extend our framework agreement in the autumn. Our partnership with Skånetrafiken has been ongoing for many years. Together we have developed customised vehicle displays with infotainment and communication solutions for stops, platforms and stations. Skånetrafiken is a partner with high ambitions for digitisation and communication,” says acting CEO Johan Husberger.