SJ has decided to invest in digital displays for both internal and external communication.
MultiQ offers a web solution that makes it quick and easy to manage all information.

Train operator SJ has around 4,500 employees. When a business works 24 hours a day and many of the staff work shifts, it is extremely important for internal communication to be easily accessible. With digital information displays, staff don’t need to search for information. They get it on the go. The displays will be situated in natural gathering places throughout the company.

Displays will also be installed in selected travel centres, giving passengers relevant transport information and current offers.

Digital signage permits fast, easy provision of information both internally and externally. The information department has full control over the information flow and can manage what is displayed, when it is displayed and where it is displayed.

“We are incredibly pleased and proud that SJ has chosen MultiQ as its partner. We are seeing growing interest in digital internal communication in all of our Nordic countries. Good internal communication enhances employee commitment, making businesses more efficient,” says Lars Pålsson, acting CEO of MultiQ.

The initial order value is estimated to be around SEK 5 million. Delivery will begin in spring 2018 and continue over a five-year period.

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