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The fast-growing Danish retail chain Normal is investing in digital signage in its stores. The displays are designed to create an attractive, exciting instore environment. A contract has now been signed between Normal and MultiQ. The order value is estimated to be just over DKK 3 million. The displays will be rolled out throughout 2018 and 2019, starting in the summer.

The retail chain Normal was named the fastest-growing company in Denmark by the newspaper Børsen last year. Normal offers consumables at discount prices. Its successful concept involves creating an exciting, different customer experience that encourages customers to make impulse purchases. Customers can expect a combination of a standard range and a large selection of new products. Digital displays will make it easier to display the wide range of products. The products are exciting and different, making it fun to go on a voyage of discovery in the stores. The displays are also designed to enhance the chain’s brand. The name Normal is intended to be humorous.

“We are incredibly pleased that Normal has chosen us as its partner. The digitization of instore environments has become a natural feature of the development of the retail trade. The aim is to create an attractive environment and customer experience, and to enhance the brand. We look forward to being part of Normal’s future expansion. We will be working with Normal on both future store openings and established stores,” says Mads Henrik Hansen, CEO of MultiQ Danmark.

The chain has sales of over one billion DKK and already has over 90 stores in Denmark and Norway. The chain is now looking to move into Sweden. The first stores were opened in Malmö in January, and further stores are expected to follow during the year. The chain also plans to open stores in the Netherlands.

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