Digitization and an enhanced information flow will ensure future growth in public transport. Sydtrafik, Fynbus and BAT recently held a large procurement for information displays. The contract was awarded to MultiQ. The order value is estimated to be just over SEK 23 million over two years in the first phase.

Travel in the future will be more personalized and there will be a greater need for information both in vehicles and at stations and stops. The public transport companies responsible for southern Denmark, Funen and Bornholm now want to enhance the flow of information for their passengers. They will invest in expansion of existing transport information at stations and stops. Passengers will have real-time information on departures and arrivals, plus updates on traffic disruption. An attractive offer is required to entice more people to use public transport. Communication, for example digital displays, helps make a journey a success. The information provided makes things easy for passengers and offers a wider range of options during the journey.

“We are incredibly proud and grateful to have won this important procurement. In recent years, we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for digital communication solutions, which improve the travel experience and help make public transport the obvious choice. MultiQ has a wide range of services and displays for both vehicles and outdoor locations. By winning this procurement, we have further enhanced our position in public transport,” says Mads Henrik Hansen, CEO of MultiQ Danmark.

MultiQ has a strong position in public transport in the Nordic region. Copenhagen’s new 5C bus route was opened last year, the busiest bus route in the Nordic region. It uses a complete IT solution with information to passengers and between drivers and the transport management team. The public transport system in Iceland recently decided to invest in new IT. Skånetrafiken in Sweden has been driving the digitization of public transport for many years. Various information solutions are used on Pågatåg trains, at Citytunneln stations and on MalmöExpressen and SkåneExpressen buses.

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