The deal comes as a result of the partnership agreement signed recently with Telia. The order value is calculated to be SEK 3 million over three years. The first deliveries to Skandia’s head office and a few regional offices were in 2019. Additional offices will have information displays installed in the years to come.

Skandia is investing in information displays for both external and internal communication. Displays for customers will be installed in display windows, reception areas and meeting places. We are seeing greater digitization throughout society. Customers now want and expect more communication. Digital communication has become a natural feature of banking and the retail trade. It is used to project a corporate image, to give directions and to create a better customer experience.

The supply to Skandia is largely intended for internal communication. Digital information makes it possible to quickly spread news within an organization. The displays will be installed in natural meeting places in offices so that staff can quickly and easily read internal news without having to search for it themselves.

Smart digital solutions make for an attractive workplace for both staff and visitors. Successful internal communication generates motivation, shared values, and consensus about where the company is heading. Information displays for visitors create a welcoming, modern impression and help them find their way.

“The interest in corporate communication is growing and MultiQ has a wide range of products and services in this field. They are primarily designed for large companies that want high-quality internal communication”, says acting CEO Lars-Göran Mejvik.