Skånetrafiken continues to invest in infotainment and an improved customer experience

Jun 28, 2021

Anchersen Bus - Digital signage from MultiQ
Skånetrafiken has ordered infotainment for buses under a framework agreement. Delivery will be ongoing from mid-September to the end of the year. The order value is estimated to be approximately SEK 5 million.

Information is essential to customers’ experience of a journey. Digital displays, infotainment, show passengers their current location and the time to the next stop. They get real-time information about connections and disruption. Skånetrafiken can quickly give passengers information. As well as traffic information, the displays show campaigns, offers, news and the weather. Infotainment is a mix of real-time traffic information and entertainment. A mix of content that enhances the customer experience. We live in a digital world and passengers expect to get information in all journey-related locations. Skånetrafiken has decided to install infotainment on trains, in buses, on platforms, in stations, at stops and at its service representatives.

“We have partnered Skånetrafiken for several years and we are very proud to play a part in their work to enhance the travel experience for their passengers. A process of enhanced digitization has been under way in Nordic public transport for a number of years. Skånetrafiken is one of the pioneers in this development and now wants to continue to be proactive during the pandemic,” says Henrik Esbjörnson, CEO of MultiQ.

Digitization is increasing in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region to make travel smarter and more flexible. These investments are designed to increase passenger numbers and make public transport the obvious choice.