The partnership agreement means that Telia Company AB can now offer its customers a complete range of digital signage products and services. MultiQ began working with Telia in 2017 when it acquired the Digital Media Distribution (DMD) business from Telia’s subsidiary Cygate.

Digital channels are developing fast. Telia’s focus on content production makes it possible to combine digital signage with high-quality news, sports and weather reports.

Digital communication has become increasingly important to companies. Smart digital solutions make for engaged employees and enhanced workplace efficiency. Telia’s head office in Solna is a good example of a modern digital workplace. Large display walls are used to create a pleasant environment and tell employees what is happening in the organisation. Digital displays are also used for conference bookings and directions.

The healthcare sector also has a great need for digital solutions for both staff and patients. Region Skåne is investing in information displays in its large hospitals, pre-hospital care and primary care. The staff get information that makes their work easier and more efficient. Patients get relevant information and entertainment, a mix of content designed to improve the patient experience and reduce the perceived waiting time.

– “We look forward to a rewarding long-term partnership. Together, we have everything we need to deliver a strong product and meet new customer requirements,” says acting CEO Lars-Göran Mejvik.