MultiQ enhances its position in the Danish public transport sector

Jul 6, 2020

Public transport in Denmark continues to invest in expansion of digital services. The bus company Kruse A/S is signing a contract with MultiQ for a turnkey ITS (Intelligent Transport System) solution in its buses. The contract is for around 40 buses that will serve Lolland. Delivery will be in summer 2021 when the buses enter service. The order value is estimated to be approximately DKK 2 million.

“Public transport in Denmark is investing heavily in green energy and intelligent transport systems. For us at MultiQ, it is gratifying to be involved in this innovative development. There are constantly procurements in the public transport sector. Big congratulations to Kruse A/S, which will service Lolland with new buses. We look forward to working with them. The fact that Kruse has chosen us to be their partner shows that we have a strong offering for the market,” says Mads Henrik Hansen, CEO, MultiQ Denmark.

Digitization and enhanced information flow will boost future growth in public transport. Our society has become more adapted to the individual, meaning that information and services need to be selectable, fast, simple and dynamic. Technical developments shape people’s current and future needs, and public transport needs to meet these needs to be competitive.

ITS helps make travel smarter and benefits passengers, drivers, traffic management and transport companies. Passengers want up-to-date, reliable traffic information in vehicles, at stations, on platforms and at stops. Traffic management communicate with drivers and use real-time information to have an overview of traffic and manage it more efficiently. Data that is collected helps the competent public authority or transport company make well-founded decisions. MultiQ offers a complete IT solution adapted to all needs.

Digitization is increasing in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region to make travel smarter and more flexible. Investments are designed to increase the number of passengers on public transport. Last year, for example, Sydtrafik won a prize for its investment in outdoor displays giving passengers real-time information on departure and arrival times and updates on any traffic disruption. Skånetrafiken in Sweden has been driving the digitization of public transport for many years. In 2019, Skånetrafiken made a major investment in information displays at stations and stops. These and other projects have given MultiQ a stronger position in the Nordic public transport sector.