The Norwegian shipping company Color Line has a target-oriented environmental policy. In the summer, it will begin operating the world’s biggest plug-in hybrid ferry. To create an attractive travel experience, the shipping company is investing in digital communication. MultiQ will supply over 200 digital displays for the ship.

The name of the ferry is Color Hybrid. Its length is 160 metres and it can accommodate 500 cars and 2,000 passengers. The ferry will have digital displays throughout, performing different functions depending on their locations. The ferry passengers will receive relevant information about the crossing and ideas for how to spend their time. The restaurants will market menus and opening hours, and the shops want to highlight goods and offers. Each deck will have general information displays showing passengers safety videos, news, weather reports and relevant entertainment.

MultiQ has been working with Color Line for many years. All boats and terminals already have multiple digital communication solutions.

“We are incredibly proud and grateful to be able to continue our partnership. Color Line constantly strives to improve its passenger experience. The company invests in modern technology throughout its operations. Technology for both modern digital communication and environmentally friendly travel,” says Daniel Bloch, CEO of MultiQ Norway.


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