MultiQ has received a blanket order and the end customer is a state lottery organisation in Canada. The total order value is estimated to be SEK 50 million for deliveries over a three-year period. The customer wants to develop the gaming experience at its agents’ stores and create a modern, attractive gaming environment using interactive information displays. The first delivery is expected in summer 2019, with an order value of SEK 3 million. The second delivery is expected in autumn and winter 2019, with an order value of around SEK 16 million. Other deliveries are assumed to be made at regular intervals in 2021-2022. The initial order consists mainly of software, and the subsequent deliveries will be of hardware.

The customer’s investment in digitisation is part of a wider marketing initiative to enhance and modernise its brand. The aim is for its agents to be able to offer a gaming experience that generates both pleasure and excitement. Digital signage will now replace previous manual management at the agents’ premises. Consumers today expect a seamless experience, with the same message wherever and whenever they choose to play. The messages displayed must be the same in agents’ stores and online. The interactive information displays will give customers access to games, gaming tips, results and payouts. When the displays are not being used by customers, they will show marketing for various games and campaigns.

“My colleagues have been working for a long time with great focus on this deal. I am proud of their work and extremely grateful for the confidence the customer is showing in us. From previously having supplied digital displays to our customer, our partnership is now entering a deeper development phase as we will now be designing their new digital communication platform with them. We will help our customer be at the cutting edge of digitisation of the gaming environment,” says Michael Wolgsjö, CEO of MultiQ.