MultiQ Display

With over three decades of well proven experience in high-quality display design.

True Flat

16:9 or 4:3 display with a slim, modern design and frameless anti-reflective glass, making touch functions more precise – easy to use and maintain. Choose with or without embedded player to suit your needs. The display has protective glass all the way out to the edges.


Our customers still love this Classic model. We offer future-proof Scandinavian design to keep our customers happy. The displays in the Classic series are solid, stable and can be adapted to many uses.

Self Service

Customers today like smart technology that makes shopping more innovative, personal and fun. Greater digitisation means smarter stores with more personalised offers. Interactive, innovative shopping experiences have become as important as the products themselves. Interactive digital signage creates a seamless transition between the online experience and the physical store.

Public Transport

Digitisation is increasing to make travel smarter and more flexible. These investments are designed to increase passenger numbers and make public transport the obvious choice. Infotainment is a mix of real-time traffic information and entertainment. A mix of content that enhances the customer experience.

We offer a single or double vehicle display that comes with a flexible standard bracket solution for easy installation.