Employees - our most important asset
We see our employees as ambassadors. Our most important asset. They help us to both develop and strengthen our brand. As an external communication channel, we value proud and committed employees significantly higher than traditional marketing.

pavel Pavel Agarkov

QA Officer, Responsible for operations for big customers and IT
Lund, Sweden

With the company since 2013

What is your role at MultiQ?
I am responsible for operations for some of our largest customers. Our systems are monitored around the clock. As quality officer, I test all new software and ensure its quality.

Do you see development opportunities in your role?
The IT industry moves fast and it is important to keep up to date with what's happening. This year, I plan to get certified in Linux as a so-called Red Hat specialist. In addition to studies, I develop a lot in my role, as it has been expanded over the years.

What is attractive about MultiQ?
We work in mixed software environments and customers come from different markets. This variation suits me perfectly. MultiQ has many large, well-established customers. It's fun to work with solutions that are seen everywhere in our society. For example, our monitors are on the buses and trains of Skånetrafiken, and I see them every day on my way to and from work.