MultiQ offers a number of options for extended warranty protection. Our aim is to offer customers the opportunity to customise a service level to meet the needs of their business activities and reliability requirements. Extended warranty protection can be ordered from MultiQ or purchased from the retailer.

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Unfortunately, we currently experience some problems with our RMA system. We are working hard trying to fix the problem.

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Basic Warranty

MultiQ provides a 36-month warranty for all products from the date of delivery, unless otherwise agreed. This warranty covers component and production defects that cause the product to deviate from MultiQ’s specifications.
The Basic Warranty includes SendIT, whereby the customer and MultiQ share the shipping costs when a defective product is sent in for repair. The repaired product is returned to the customer within five days plus the time required for shipping. There is also the option to choose an additional service that is adapted or can be adapted to the customer’s needs. Customers often choose to upgrade to SwapIT (see Additional Warranty).
The 36-month Basic Warranty can be extended by an additional 24 months, which provides security and problem-free operation for a total of 60 months (5 years). Please follow the link on this page to identify the type of additional service that covers your product, and for how long.

Additional Warranty

MultiQ offers customers a number of Additional Services. The aim is to provide everyone with a level of service that’s suited to their operations and requirements – to ensure operational reliability. Common to all of MultiQ’s additional services is the fact that requests are processed on the day they are received.

MultiQ Exchange Warranty (SwapIT)

Through our SwapIT program, MultiQ offers a new or reconditioned unit in exchange for the unit that is presented for warranty. If the Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) registration is received before 14:00 (CET) the unit will be shipped the same day from the local service workshop, and will reach most delivery destinations in Europe the following day, within 24 hours. MultiQ pays for shipping and insurance for the product in both directions. The SwapIT program provides global coverage, although the number of days needed for delivery will vary depending on the destination country and address.

MultiQ Extended Warranty

For the majority of our products we offer the opportunity to extend the Basic warranty term by an additional 24 months, to a total of 60 months (5 years). There are no limitations as far as operation is concerned; the display screen can be in operation 24 hours a day for five years if necessary.
The Extended warranty may only be obtained upon purchase or during specific campaigns before the Basic warranty has expired. If an Extended warranty is obtained for a MultiQ product, the extension also applies to additional services purchase during the same period.

Support Agreements

In special cases we could be able to offer a support agreement for weekends. With a Support Agreement you are exclusively prioritised via a direct telephone number to MultiQ’s support.