Monitors: Success stories

The DIY chain BAUHAUS has introduced a concept called ‘everything under one roof’. Their aim is to offer the biggest range of products in the sector and provide customers with a high standard of professional service. BAUHAUS in Sweden launched a digital store concept at all its DIY stores in 2016. BAUHAUS offers their customers better service by increasing the information flow in all stores. They reach more people, improve the service level, the atmosphere and their availability.

When Perten started producing a new kind of high-tech analytical instrument, they needed touch screens which could meet the application’s high demands. They selected MultiQ screens, which proved up to the task on all counts. Perten’s customers work in very sensitive environments, which put extremely high demands on the quality and reliability of their equipment. When they were working on the development of the InfraMatic 9500, a new advanced tool for the analysis of cereal, Perten decided to contact MultiQ.