Transforming the player experience

The global gaming market has set out on the same digital journey as retail. Digital signage assists in enhancing the customer experience, creates brand awareness and increases sales.

Online and in-store gaming are now seamlessly linked and digital signage has become a natural part of the customer journey.

The in-store customer journey


– visualise games and draws

Attention is the first part of the customer journey in-store. Make your business stand out and grab consumers’ attention. Communicate daily draws, the fun of gaming, boost brand awareness, promote new games and inform about good causes and responsible gaming. The best way for retailers to predict their future is to create it. Customers are attracted to modern store environments and technology that creates a deeper customer experience.


– enable digital play anywhere

We live in a digital world of smartphones, tablets and touchscreen laptops and are used to interactive technology and expect the same opportunities when we visit a retailer. Interactive digital signage and self-service creates a seamless transition between the online experience and the physical store. Customers encounter the same message independent of digital channel.

Store sizes are shrinking and often competing on product placement with limited space for larger game consoles with physical play slips. Digital gaming displays come in handy by providing access to how to play tutorials and enable self-service with play and pay opportunities.


– promote and influence

As customers line up to pay and already in a shopping mode, there’s a great opportunity to promote products and campaigns and encourage impulse purchases. Smart technology makes triggered content possible and is a good way to adapt to customer interactions. Digital Signage at Point of Sale is an effective way to increase sales and enhance brand awareness at the end of the customer journey.

From A to Z

Our mission is to create great customer experiences. With a holistic
approach, we are offering the modern lottery retailer a combination of
innovative software, smart applications, global support, and robust and proven hardware.

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Global Sales Director – Gaming
Marcello Gregorovic