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Video walls – a powerful means of communication

Retail, sport and gaming, retail banking, transport, healthcare, corporate offices – all adopting the same tool for communication.

Top 3 benefits

Tell your brand story

When customers enter or pass a store, they want to recognise the brand and what it stands for. As consumers, we like to buy more from brands that communicate the right values and associations to us.  Video walls and large displays create an attractive in-store environment and help boost sales and loyalty.

Attract attention

In-store marketing is primarily designed to arouse emotions, which unconsciously affect what we buy. A video wall adds a wow factor and it is difficult to pass one without noticing it. Our eyes are automatically drawn to moving objects near us. We are attracted to modern technology that creates a deeper customer experience.

Fast, simple updates

Technology has changed how we engage with brands. Customers move seamlessly between e-commerce and physical stores and expect to find the same message in both. Digital signage makes it possible to quickly change the message so that the contents of displays match what is displayed online.

Great work comes from great partnerships


Digital features need to be a natural part of the store.
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