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Interactive digital signage

Interactive digital signage can be used in many different ways to achieve one important goal, creating value for customers.

How to create value

Customers expect technology

We live in a digital world of smartphones, tablets and touchscreen laptops. We are used to interactive technology and expect the same opportunities when we visit a store. Interactive digital signage creates a seamless transition between the online experience and the physical store. Customers encounter the same messages and the same technology.

Make it fun

Customers today like smart technology that makes shopping more innovative, personal and fun. Greater digitisation means smarter stores with more personalised offers. Interactive, innovative shopping experiences have become as important as the products themselves.

Support both
customers and staff

We often do our homework on products before we decide to visit a store. The range is often too large for the staff to have detailed information about every single product. Digital guides help give customers advice and answers about products. If certain in-store services are digitised, customers can get help faster and staff can optimise how they use their time.

Make your product range available/accessible

Retail companies often decide to have a wider range of products online than in-store. Interactive digital signage gives customers access to the full range in-store and allows them to read more detailed information or place an order.