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Make a professional first impression

Make a modern, welcoming impression on visitors at the entrance or in reception.

Dynamic Reception

Well suited to both staffed and unstaffed reception areas

The entrance or reception area is the first impression visitors gain of your organization. With our Dynamic Reception solution, you make a modern, welcoming impression, and visitors are registered fast and easily.

Office 365

The solution is integrated with Office 365, which means fast, seamless integration with no bridging software.


A visitor checks in by giving their name and company.


The host of the meeting receives a text message when the guest has arrived. Reception avoids having to call and look for the employee. The display can also be connected to a PA system. The person expecting a visitor is called up via the PA system.

Name tag

A name tag is printed when the visitor registers.

Statistics and reports

All statistics are ready for retrieval and processing in a program such as Excel. You have total control over who has visited the building and who was responsible for each visit.


You get a smart, flexible solution that comprises both hardware and software. We manage operation and support for the displays. The service is cloud-based and we help you with content management and administration.

Floorplan Guide

Help visitors find their way

Stairways and buildings often have many visitors. Tenants want information on what is happening in the building, and visitors want to find their way.

Finding the way

Help visitors find their way in your premises. Displays at all entrances and floorplans make it easy for visitors to find their way, wherever they are in the building.


Let tenants know what is happening in the building. This can be both practical and fun information. Everything from events for everyone to fire drills


You can create templates that match your graphic profile. The templates then make it easy for your administrator to update the content. Information can also be retrieved automatically from other sources.


Our operations department is responsible for installation and helps answer client questions. All software is updated automatically, and the system is monitored 24 hours a day.