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Data visualization for smarter decisions

Data is at the heart of our information society. Data means knowledge and influences decision-making processes in an organization. By using data visualization you turn datasets into visuals that are interesting and motivating for an entire organization or a department.

This is how it works

Ask the right questions

Using data visualization as an analysis tool makes it possible to collect data from hundreds of data sources, analyze it and present it in neat reports. By spending time on the right questions, you get relevant information to your organization. This makes it easy to see results, trends and key ratios.

Create a dashboard

Data visualization comes in many forms and can be everything from a simple chart to advanced graphs. Choose the right visual for your purpose and audience.

Data visualization connected to digital signage

We help you connect your dashboards to a digital display. With Corporate Info, you can quickly spread different kinds of news within your organization. Data visualization can be one of several features in your play loop.

One display can also be set up to display nothing but reports from the analysis tool. This solution is perfect as an aid for individual departments in their day-to-day work. Analyses that motivate employees, show how operations are going and facilitate decision-making processes.


Our operations department is responsible for software installation and helps answer client questions. All software is updated automatically, and the system is monitored 24 hours a day.