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Book your meeting rooms more easily than ever and ensure optimum use of all rooms. Give employees and visitors a clear overview of meetings in progress and future meetings.

Dynamic room booking

Create efficient meetings

Create efficient meetings

Everyone can see whether a room is free or not, employees save time and you ensure that the use of conference rooms is optimized.

Office 365

The solution is integrated with Office 365, which means fast, seamless integration with no bridging software. You can book a conference room directly via your digital calendar.

Greater efficiency

Interactive conference room displays make a modern impression in your office, and enhance efficiency. Fewer interruptions and clashes in conference rooms make for a better workplace.

Touch screen function

Book a spontaneous meeting or extend a meeting that is already in progress. End a meeting early so the room is free for others. See that day’s meetings at a glance by scrolling through what has been booked. The touch screen function lets you book quickly and easily on the display.

Easy to understand


Green means that the room is free, and available to be booked.

Shortly unavailable

Orange means that you can book it for a short spontaneous meeting or phone call.


Red means that the room is not available. The display shows you the meeting in progress and how long the room is booked for

Meeting Overview

Find the right conference room

We spend more and more of our working day in meetings. Our calendars are full of client meetings, status meetings, department meetings, performance reviews and project meetings. Our Meeting Overview solution gives employees and visitors a clear overview of meetings in progress, the conference rooms being used and future meetings.

Office 365

Conference rooms are booked via your digital calendar or directly on a conference room display. Bookings are then automatically shown on the display. If you use your intranet or another information system to book rooms, we integrate the display with these sources instead.

Today's meetings

The display shows all meetings booked in the conference rooms and the names of the meeting hosts.

Find the right conference room

It can be hard to find your away around large conference centres and big companies. So let one of the displays show a map of the conference rooms in the centre.