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How does digital signage work?

For MultiQ, digital signage is all about communication.

For us at MultiQ, digital signage is all about communication. We see digital messages everywhere: at work, on public transport, in shops and at public authorities. We always expect to get relevant information tailored to our current location. We want information that guides and inspires us.

Digital signage – a smart communication tool

Smart digital signage for different environments

Customer experience

High-quality customer experiences are the key to good shops.

Digital consumer behaviour has grown, and the right technology will help the retail trade meet customer needs better. As customers, we want all parts of the buying process to go smoothly. Shopping should be entertaining, fun and sociable. Digital signage can be used to create fantastic environments to surprise customers.

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digital signage newsec

Internal communication

For committed employees and smarter business.

Our workplaces have become more digital, and they often have a wide range of information channels. Digital signage lets you identify relevant information from all of these channels and ensure that the information hits home.


Create a welcoming, modern entrance area.

Stairways and buildings often have large numbers of visitors. Tenants who want to know what is happening in the building and visitors who need to know where to go. Property owners can quickly update the information on what is happening in the building without needing to be on site.

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MultiQ supplies everything we need and I really appreciate this holistic concept. We get advice, installation, storage solutions, a publishing tool, service and support. It gives us great peace of mind to have a partner that takes full responsibility for the supply.

Robert Johnsson

Project manager, Digital store concept, Bauhaus

Bauhaus – Digital store concept

The DIY chain is investing heavily in various digital signage solutions in its stores. By boosting its information flow, the chain reaches more visitors, while enhancing the level of service, the atmosphere and accessibility.

There are self-service terminals in the plumbing and heating, paint, garden and construction departments. Staff can use the touch screens when discussing sales with customers. The Bauhaus website is extremely complex and contains a wide range of products. To optimize the customer experience, the content in the self-service terminals has been scaled down to make it more user-friendly.

There are large and small displays for marketing throughout the stores. For example, inspirational films of beautiful bathrooms are shown in the bathrooms department. At the checkouts, displays present suppliers, campaigns, local offers and information about special customer events.

The latest addition to the store concept is Click & Collect. Digital displays are used to show queue numbers for collection and replacement of goods, and general marketing.

Bauhaus constantly develops its store concept to meet customer needs and expectations.

We help our clients wherever they are on their journey

The overall client experience is the sum total of our clients’ interactions with us. We need to be strategically proficient in all parts of the organization, wherever and however clients choose to contact us.

Clients get help with everything from planning and advice to project management, design, installation, monitoring and support. By constantly focusing on the client experience at all stages, we can build long-term, loyal relationships and partnerships with a vision for the future.

The principal advantages of digital signage

An efficient tool for achieving goals


Communication is all about making an impact with your message. If we can’t be seen, we don’t exist. A moving message is more eye-catching and generates more engagement in visitors. Purchasing decisions are very often made in a physical store, where you have many opportunities to influence what customers notice and ultimately how much money they spend.


It is important for employers, employees, businesses and customers for the information that is communicated to be fresh. We want to have the right message in the right place at the right time. Messages can be scheduled to match the time of day.


Seamless information flow

We love integration. Why use only one source of information? Create an automated flow of information from both internal and external sources. For example, data visualization lets you transform complex data into visually pleasing charts that are easy for the whole organization to understand. Connecting the intranet to digital signage allows employees to read the latest information quickly and easily. A shopping trip may involve visiting an online store, a physical store and social media. It is important for the experience to be of the same quality in all channels.

Supports digital consumption

The pandemic has given a dramatic boost to online sales, and we are used to shopping on smartphones and tablets. We expect to find the same technology in public environments. If certain in-store services are digitized, customers can get help faster and staff are under less pressure. Smart technology makes shopping more innovative, personal and fun. Interactive, innovative shopping experiences will become as important as the products themselves.