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What is digital signage?

For MultiQ, digital signage is all about communication.

Digital displays have become a natural element in our everyday lives and we see them everywhere in our society. You probably see them in the workplace, on public transport, in retail, dotted around in public spaces, etc. Digitization has meant that people always expect to receive relevant information related to their current location. Information that guides, influences and inspires.

For us at MultiQ, digital communication is essential technology, both now and in the future.

What does the future hold for digital signage?

According to a survey conducted by Invidis consulting, Scandinavia is currently the most digitized market in Europe. In the spring of 2020, however, COVID-19 put the world on pause. It is impossible to predict COVID’s future course and how the economic consequences will affect our market. One thing we can say with certainty, however, is that the need for digital displays is likely to increase in our society as time goes on.

Smart information

The Internet of Things creates new needs and expectations. We demand smart information that simplifies our everyday lives. In public transport, there is talk of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and broad-scale societal innovations, such as Smart Cities. The travel of the future will be more personalized and include more types of traffic, and the need for information will increase. Digital signage makes it possible to provide passengers with current traffic information at stations and stops and in vehicles. Smart organizations invest in digital internal communication to create participation and engagement.

Focused on data

Companies and businesses are focusing on data to an ever-increasing extent. The right data is transformed into smart business decisions that can drive the business forward, giving it an edge over more traditional competitors. Through digital displays, something as simple as a formal or everyday report can be visualized in an appealing and engaging way, promoting employee inclusion and motivation.

Automated content

An efficient flow of communication saves time and reuses information across many different channels. Many companies invest heavily in an extensive intranet where employees still need to actively seek information. By connecting the intranet to digital signage, employees can quickly and easily access the latest information.

In commerce, a consumer’s journey includes the web, physical stores and social media. Through an automated flow, new messages only need to be published via a single channel. In the retail space, the same message is expected regardless of where a customer decides to shop, so a simple and integrated digital signage system is highly valuable.

A future that is experience-driven

Consumers’ expectations of the customer experience are growing rapidly every year. The highest expectations are among the younger generations, such as millennials and generation Z, where an experience is often shared on social media. A physical store can take advantage of digital technology to create an exciting and personal experience that attracts the younger generation, capturing potential new life-long customers in the process.