Digital Signage with a queing system combines functional- and commercial content.

Suitable for:
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The queue number display captures the customers’ attention while the screen also displays commercial content impossible to miss. Use Queue Signage in combination with campaign promotions, offers, seasonal information, opening hours, commercials and more. The possibilities are endless.

Increase your sales by letting customers spend more time among the products in the store. The digital queuing system let customers stroll around the store, spotting products instead of holding still in a queue line. Since customers are able to shop while queuing, the digital Queuing system is a smart way to encourage impulse shopping. Long queue lines in the store are ineffective and create stress among staff and customers. A digital queuing system leads to efficient customer flow at the tills since the staff can be focusing on the current customer while the digital signage monitor provides entertainment and a more attractive store environment.

  • Turns queuing time into information and selling time
  • Provides increased sales
  • Efficient customer flow

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