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"If you know what is happening in your company, you have greater understanding and commitment, plus a strong sense of belonging "

portrait kristin holseth– Kristin Holseth
Communication Advisor, Marine Harvest


Interview with Kristin Holseth
Communication Advisor, Marine Harvest

The key factor in realising our vision ‘Leading the Blue Revolution’ is our 12,700 employees in 24 countries

Marine Harvest is the biggest salmon breeder in the world. The company controls the entire value chain from roe to finished product. Its vision, ‘Leading the Blue Revolution’, is about being able to supply healthy, nutritional food that is produced sustainably and efficiently. Its staff are key to the realisation of this vision and its corporate culture encourages community, passion, openness and the desire to change. These are all qualities that require excellent internal communication.

What internal communication challenges did you face before you had digital displays?
We have 12,700 employees worldwide. And we control the entire value chain from feed production to the hatching of eggs to edible salmon. Our operations are both geographically distributed and divided into several different activities. We have employees who work in offices, plants and factories. The employees in the factories and plants don’t have the same access to email and the intranet at work as those of us who work in offices.

So our challenge was to make information more easily accessible to everyone.

Thoughts about the investment
The aim was to make information more easily accessible. To create information that is easy to absorb without having to search for it actively. News items are concise, consisting only of a heading, a photo and an introduction. This makes the message easy to absorb. Animations also arouse greater attention and cause people to watch for a little longer.

The idea is for employees to be able to get information ‘on the go’. If they want more information, they can visit our intranet or read the trade journals from which we display news.

How did the project start? And what was the process like?
Our communications department is here at the head office in Bergen. Therefore, it was logical to test the contents and graphic design here first. We asked our colleagues and others what content they wanted to see. Once we were satisfied with the results, we began to roll the project out to two of our four regions in Norway. We soon got some really positive feedback. This information channel had been missing previously and people realised its value. We then continued to roll it out abroad. When we start in other countries, we do so in the same way as in Norway, by testing one display. This is to give staff a greater understanding of what the information channel involves.

The interview is much longer. Read about the information flow, requirements, advices, expectations...etc.

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