If a product experiences problems and must be returned for service, a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number must be issued. This is a unique number used for tracking the product throughout the repair process. The RMA number can only be issued online, via our website (see below).

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Unfortunately, we currently experience some problems with our RMA system. We are working hard trying to fix the problem.

Meanwhile, if you are having problems while using the buttons “SEARCH RMA” or “CHECK WARRANTY”, please contact MultiQ by using the following e-mail address: support@se.multiq.com

To get an RMA number, please read the defective product’s serial number, and select “Create RMA”. Enter the serial number along with your contact information and return shipping address. We recommend that you print out two copies of the RMA form. Please keep one for your own records, and send the other along with the product being returned. Our system will automatically select which service location the product should be sent to.

Online registration of your defect and creation of an RMA number simplifies the repair work significantly, because a clear description of the defect is captured by our system. At the same time, we determine that there is in fact a defect which can be relatively easily corrected, and not some other combination of factors that appear to constitute a defect. The latter scenario is known as NFF – No Fault Found. Early identification and elimination of NFF situations greatly enhances MultiQ’s ability to direct resources toward customers experiencing genuine defects. MultiQ retains the right to charge an evaluation fee in cases where no defect could be identified in a product.

Our system keeps track of the products warranty period (36 months from dispatch), regardless of whether the extended warranty or replace to a new unit has been made. If a dispute arises the warranty period must always be supported by the purchase documents.

The customer will be informed if the warranty period has been expired. MultiQ works with fixed repair prices and the customer must accept a repair work. A repair work classed as non-warranty (if the product is within warranty period) the customer will be notified and a quotation will be sent.

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