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It became increasingly clear in 2016 that consumers want to be able to interact with companies 24 hours a day, wherever they are. Digital development takes place online and it also accompanies customers into the store. A lot is happening in digital signage at the moment. These are some of the purchasing behaviour trends on the market.


Our clients are now taking the next step in their marketing, from multichannel solutions to seamless communication. Whereas previously separate sales channels were developed, they are now being integrated. The retail sector wants to create a holistic customer experience in which all sales channels communicate the same message.

Consumers choose the channel that is most convenient at the time and expect to see the same message everywhere. For example, it has become more and more common for consumers to design their own products online. They then place an order in-store with staff assistance. Clear integration between your store, your online presence and your mobile presence optimizes the chances of a successful customer experience.

Interactive services

We now expect the shopping experience to be part of our digital world. Purchasing behaviour is becoming increasingly targeted, so we are often very familiar with a product when we enter a store. We like to use our mobiles to help us shop at home and in-store. We need to be able to click, swipe, scroll and enlarge information. And we expect to be able to use digital screens in-store like our mobiles.

Retail companies often decide to have a wider range of products online than in-store. Digital signage gives customers access to the full range in-store and allows them to read more detailed information about products that interest them. In stores with a large floor space and a wide range of products, digital signage helps customers find products and they can see their stock status. Self-service functions help make the shopping experience more efficient.

Combining the various purchasing channels creates a smooth purchasing experience with the focus on customer needs.

Customer experience

Experience and service are two of the major competition factors in the retail sector today. The atmosphere in a store matters a great deal to many consumers. Shopping is seen as an opportunity to relax and socialize. At the same time, convenience became increasingly important to consumers in 2016. They want to avoid queuing and they want to find the right product straight away. The shopping experience is also starting to become more and more personalized. Consumers often ask for personal offers in-store.

Digital signage contributes to fast service and a pleasant environment and helps make shopping fun. This is a shopping experience that cannot be provided online.

Customized monitors

Digital signage is about both software and hardware. Hardware is part of both our clients’ physical store concept and their seamless communication. This means that the design needs to be attractive and it should follow the store’s graphic guidelines.

Monitor solutions in public environments are in operation for most of the day, and are used frequently and by a large number of people. Client demand is for monitors that are durable, have a long service life and can be customized to match these environments. Both the mechanical design and the monitor itself have to meet very high standards.

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