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Digitization is increasing, and the Internet of things (IoT) is here to stay and will change our world. This fast-growing technology will slowly but surely play a major role in society at large and also in the daily lives of all of us.

Digital signage, which is a part of IoT, is predicted a bright future. We read about greater personalization, integration, interactivity, data analyses, artificial intelligence, commitment measurements,… etc. There is a lot of talk about the functions and solutions provided by IoT and digital signage now and in the future.

We will reflect here not about functions but instead about how creative digital signage solutions can enhance the personality of a brand. Of course, digital signage solutions perform a function. However, they also communicate a great deal about their sender.

Here are a few examples of creative, fun digital signage solutions that enhance their brand and how it will be perceived.

sbb clock digitalsignage

SBB - the timetable is the heart of the railway

If you want to be sure to arrive on time in Switzerland, you take the train. The country has the most reliable trains in Europe. Swiss Federal Railways is Switzerland’s biggest travel and transport company. The company’s tagline is “SBB is shaping the mobility of the future”. Travel in the future will be more flexible, and SBB is one of the players driving digital development forwards. SBB’s well-known station clock stands proudly outside its head office in Bern. With its 7-metre diameter, it is the station’s landmark. It is almost impossible to pass by without noticing the clock. In addition to its size, SBB has decided to further enhance its attention-grabbing nature. The general public have the opportunity to interact with the digital clock. Via you can create your own motifs which can then be displayed on the clock face. The figures are created by the digital hands and the time markers. The website contains hundreds of different motifs that have been created by the public.

What associations does the solution generate? The SBB station clock was designed back in the 1940s. It has subsequently been declared an icon and is seen in many different contexts. Swiss clocks are generally well known for their high quality and precision. The interactive solution grabs the attention and demonstrates innovation. It enhances SBB’s corporate character, comprising punctuality, reliability and innovativeness.

cocacola digitalsignage

COCA-COLA - Taste the Feeling

Coca-Cola is ranked as one of the strongest brands in the world. Their real-time marketing is created by means of interplay between technology and consumer involvement. The brand often chooses to be seen in several different marketing channels simultaneously, including digital screens. The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign gave the public the opportunity to create their own Coke with their name printed on the can. A photo of the can was then displayed to thousands of people via large digital screens.

To encourage more people to try Coke Zero, the company introduced ‘Coke Zero – the drinkable poster’. The public were able to interact with large digital posters using their mobiles. The final result of the interaction was a free drink. These are fun digital campaigns that generate commitment, joy and curiosity among the public.

One of Coca-Cola’s missions is “to inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions”.

heart 765x250

Decisions based on emotions are what make us human

A strong brand is created by both hard and soft associations. As consumers, we generally take it for granted that the hard building blocks perform the functions they are supposed to perform. The product or service fulfils the needs we have. Our soft associations with a brand are less about how the product or service performs and more about how the brand, or the company behind it, is perceived. What makes a company attractive to us? That they are creative, innovative, considerate, reliable…. We are all attracted by different characteristics.

Daniel Kahneman won the 2002 Nobel Prize for economics. He showed that, without doubt, we are capable of thinking logically and rationally, but what makes us human is that we automatically disregard logic if something else attracts us intuitively at the same time.

Consequently, these creative, innovative digital signage solutions that we encounter in our daily lives not only perform a function. They also contribute to our soft associations with a brand. These associations create loyal customers as emotional relationships are stronger than rational ones.

We see digital signage solutions everywhere. Which ones make you react? And how do they make you feel?

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