Committed, positive employees are a company’s most important asset. They live and breathe the brand. What they choose to communicate about their employer says more than any marketing investment. They know where the company is going and what the road there looks like. They radiate commitment, energy and joy.However, dissatisfied employees can be a disaster for a company’s image. Creating these inspirational ambassadors requires good leadership that prioritizes communication.

Successful internal communication generates motivation, shared values and consensus about where the company is heading. By using different communication channels, the company ensures that information reaches its employees.  With our background in digital information displays, we choose to focus here on digital communication. What do we need to consider to achieve efficient information flow? How do we keep an information channel topical and interesting?

Easily accessible information

Digital information monitors should be located in shared spaces that function as natural gathering places, for example break rooms. Employees can quickly find out what is happening at the company. The aim is convey the latest information in a brief, concise form. More in-depth information is available from the intranet or a line manager. The success of a message depends on it being tailored to the needs of the recipient. Many companies have staff who travel a lot or rarely sit at a computer. It is important to have easily accessible information in such working environments.

Communicate a clear message

Leadership is about clarity. A successful leader communicates goals that employees understand and also creates a sense of involvement. To be clear, information needs to be brief, concise and to the point. A clear message is easy to take on board with no misunderstanding. Photos and video further clarify the message.

Involved employees generate commitment

Successful internal communication should make employees committed and enhance efficiency. A company and its corporate culture are created by all the employees in unison. Communication should not just be top-down. Create a dynamic communication flow to which all departments contribute information. This involves the employees and creates a strong sense of community.

Successful planning

Successful use of digital information displays depends on news flow continuity. Employees constantly expect to receive new information. If the same content is displayed for too long, the displays are not achieving their purpose and are wasting their attention factor. So, to succeed with your communication flow, we recommend that you draw up a plan for this channel. What sort of information will be displayed? Divide the information into different subject areas. Who is responsible for updates? A communication plan results in the employees receiving a continuous flow of information and leaves space for spontaneous contributions.

Have a long-term perspective

A strong brand or corporate culture is not a quick fix. It requires targeted, long-term work that takes time. What are the hallmarks of successful internal communication? It manages to touch people and dares to be creative without compromising the company’s soul and identity. Ambassadors are created via consistent, long-term work to create internal acceptance.

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