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Travel in the future will be more personalized and involve several different means of transport. We will have more sustainable travel and passengers will have greater choice. The world's cities are growing and more houses and roads are being built. At the same time, we want more parks and green spaces for increased quality of life and relaxation. Concepts such as Maas (Mobility as a Service), Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities are being discussed in relation to public transport. Regardless of the concept, it is about creating smart solutions and smart transport to simplify people's everyday lives and create a sustainable society.

Travel in the future

A smart trip planner makes our travel easier. By using an app you get different suggestions based on cost, convenience, comfort and speed. At an agreed time a driverless car will pick you up and take you to the train station. After getting off the train you can choose bike-sharing for the last part of your journey. Combined mobility or Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a concept and mindset permitting the passengers of tomorrow to tailor their own journey. A journey that can include several different means of transport such as train, bike-sharing, bus, car-sharing, taxi etc. MaaS is being discussed throughout the transport sector and some countries have already started to introduce the concept in some of their cities. Society will be responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure to manage these mobility services. A solution based on interaction between public transport and private providers. 

Your digital footprint

With combined mobility, your digital footprint increases, i.e. the trail of data you create while using the internet. As passengers, we expect public transport providers to collect this data, analyze it and make us an attractive offer that gives us a better travel experience. An offer that is tailored to our needs and travel habits. Imagine taking your regular train to work. During the journey, you are reminded that there will be repairs to railway tracks in the evening. The train you usually take in the evening is cancelled. The app will give you different options. You can choose to take an earlier or later train home or use another means of transport. If you choose a later train, you will also receive suggestions for events that you can visit earlier in the evening.

happy passenger

Digital communication for happy and satisfied travelers

There are many different means of transport and each passenger has their own preferences for a good trip. Many parameters play a role in creating a good travel experience. What is MultiQ’s role in the development of a good travel experience on public transport?

For us, it’s all about communication. In order to create the best customer experience, communication is required and several sources of information are interconnected. Information that simplifies travel, creates security and increases the number of options during the trip. Well-informed passengers are happy passengers. Effective communication makes public transport more attractive and in the long run gives us a smarter society.

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Public transport is in the process of digitization. MultiQ has the privilege of collaborating with several strong public transport providers. We aim to continue being a strong partner for ITS solutions. So please challenge us. Let us together create smart public transport information servicesfor smarter living. Please contact us.

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