Successful market communication should be profitable. A strong brand with the right associations gives you credibility and drives sales. What makes one brand more valuable than the competitors’ brands is what customers expect of it and feel for it. Digital signage gives you an effective marketing channel designed to produce a return in terms of both increased sales and a strong brand. A carefully designed communication plan boosts your chances of achieving a successful outcome. The communication plan defines the target group, the aim of the marketing channel, the messages to be communicated, how we want to be perceived, who is responsible for the content, etc.

What is the aim of the investment?

What do we want to achieve? Do we want to create a customer experience with a wow factor? Or do we want to increase sales via targeted communication? Or perhaps both. Digital signage offers many different solutions, so it is well worth considering what we want to achieve and how we want customers to act on our communication.

Define the target group

To create successful communication, we need to know our target group and what attracts it. What is our target group? What are their needs, attitudes and expectations? If we create a message that attracts the recipient, its impact is greater and we can expect a better outcome.

Choose the right message

After the aim and target group have been defined, it is time to think about messages. Seamless communication is a current retail buzzword. Customers now expect a uniform customer experience, with the same message whether they are in a store, on a smartphone or online. The information flow also needs to be flexible. If you keep on top of the target group’s needs, you are able to adapt content to demand. A digital store concept can also contain several different functions located throughout the store, and messages are usually adapted to the customer’s location.

Create a living communication channel

All communication channels need maintenance and the same applies to digital signage. Content needs to be constantly updated to maintain customer interest. Create procedures for your information flow. How often should it be updated? Who is responsible for content? We can maintain customer attention by constantly displaying relevant content.

Dare to innovate

Evaluate the situation after a while. You may have taken the right approach from the start and the solution is a success. Or it may need some changes. Let your customers show you what works, and don’t be afraid to try new solutions. Customer behaviour changes over time, which also affects how we communicate. By looking at the situation from the customer’s point of view and daring to innovate, we can lay the best groundwork for a successful investment.

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