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The impact of the pandemic

How will we use digital displays in 2021?

Feb 19, 2021 | Blog

Digital displays 2021

Digital displays are everywhere around us, and digital solutions are being used more and more. The European market is predicted to have annual growth of over 10% up to 2026, according to a survey by MarketResearch.com. Although digital signage has become the norm for consumers, business owners and employees, our needs change all the time. Who knew in 2019 what was awaiting the world in 2020? We are still in the midst of a pandemic that has affected us all. How will we use digital displays when we have left this period behind us? Our consumer behaviour has changed, as have our workplaces and our expectations of digital services in public environments in the future.

Time for shops to make a come-back

After a year at home, there is now huge pent-up demand to go shopping in person. Shops have the chance to create the experience that the digital channels lack, the ability to touch, see and feel products and to have a social experience. The pandemic has generated new consumer behavior that is here to stay.

E-commerce has mushroomed and we are used to navigating with our mobiles and tablets. Touch screens and interactive services need to assume a stronger position in our public environments as well. By investing in interactive digital services, shops ensure a seamless customer experience, can introduce new technology and create engagement.

Interactive display at Intersport

Some brands will have the luxury of being able to invest in large flagship stores and offer a shopping experience out of the ordinary. However, the pandemic has been very tough on the retail trade and many merchants will prefer a smaller shop floor with a limited range of products.

Interactive displays for Panduro

Products with a low wow factor will be replaced in-store by smart interactive solutions that give you access to the full range and the ability to order them. ‘Participate. Don’t just watch.’ is a heading in Invidi’s yearbook. The article refers to a survey showing that millennials, aged 24-39, want technology that generates engagement in shops and at events. Retail traders that use innovative interactive technology in their shops gain a strong competitive advantage and create customer loyalty.

With reduced customer footfall during the pandemic, shop windows have played a greater role, and this will continue to develop after the pandemic. Digital displays help produce creative solutions that enhance interaction with passers-by.

In the retail trade, digital signage has primarily been used to market campaigns and create an inspiring environment. During this period, digital solutions have been used more widely and their content in the future is sure to include customer care and safety information. For a long time to come, it will be important to visualise a safe environment both inside and near to shops.

Digital displays internal communication

Internal communication – for the digital workplace

Many of us have started working from home over the past year, and our workplaces have been forced to become more digital. Employers have become better at developing existing information channels and innovative new ones. Employees choose the channels they find attractive and those they do not. A wide range of information creates flexibility, while it can be difficult for employers to know whether the information actually reaches the recipients. Digital displays make it possible to combine relevant information from all channels. This is a way of ensuring that the information actually does reach the recipients.

After the pandemic, there will be a great social need to meet colleagues in physical workplaces. In the long term, we will alternate between going out to work and working at home. Displays are connected to the physical workplace but the content can also be integrated with internal systems so that employees can access information wherever they are.


Make smart decisions with the right data

A successful organisation bases its decisions on data. Every day, your organisation generates data on customer interactions, sales revenue, market results and stock levels, etc. It quickly becomes impossible to navigate through the data, and it is hard to see any connections if you focus solely on the figures.

Data visualisation brings your data to life, making it easier to understand. If you also focus on graphic design and selected data, it is easier to communicate an overall picture and identify trends. By connecting your dashboards to digital displays, you get an effective communication tool in individual departments and for your organisation as a whole.

Expectations of 2021

With our customers, we focus ahead to the time when we can leave the pandemic behind us. There is a clear pent-up need to communicate and interact digitally in workplaces, shops, healthcare, restaurants and public authorities. As interactivity and engagement are close to our heart, we will be taking a close look at this area in the spring. We will be offering inspiration, customer interviews and general tips. We are also always available to discuss your needs for future digital communication solutions.

We look forward to hearing from you!