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Digital information displays in the workplace. How do you take your information content to the next level?

Nov 4, 2020 | Blog

All organizations want to have committed employees who are all pulling in the same direction. What is it worth considering for internal communication linked to digital information displays?


Recommendations by Lars Neckman
Digital and communication strategist

Hold brief reviews

In my experience, an organization achieves the best results if there is clear ownership. Give a group of employees joint responsibility for your digital information displays. I personally like regular brief review meetings, with the group preferably meeting once a week. Not everyone has to be there every time, only when they have something to contribute. Discuss what will be happening. Will there be any new launches in the near future? Is there any news that will be communicated externally and should be established internally first? Having a joint creative process makes it easier to come up with new ideas, identify what is relevant right now and allocate tasks.

Listen to employees

The purpose of digital information displays is often to generate commitment and pride, to inspire employees and to spread knowledge throughout the organization. Who can provide the best feedback and contribute their own news? The employees, of course! Successful internal communication motivates the entire organization and encourages participation. Make it easy for employees to share information and provide feedback by having clear instructions for how this should be done. Who is the news for? What information is needed when employees share news?


Try and have an information flow that makes employees stop and want to take in the information. If you have a varied range of information, it is easier to generate surprise and capture attention.

All information channels are good in different ways and fulfil different purposes. Use digital signage for what it is best at, capturing attention. Create material that moves, either with dynamic templates or by adding films. All films should be subtitled so that they can be displayed without sound.

Aim to show a variety of information

A large organization has every opportunity to display a wide range of news. Here are my suggestions:

This is often an organization’s internal communication hub. Highlight features from the intranet which can be live news and knowledge articles. It is a good idea to display a QR code with the news item, which makes it easier for employees to read the full item.

Show the full range of the organization so that employees know about new focus areas and the services and products you offer. Facts that it is generally good to know.

In a large organization, it can be difficult to highlight every employee, but try and do so where appropriate to generate a greater sense of community. It is a good idea to show the diversity of the organization by presenting employees of different backgrounds, levels of experience and ages. You can also remind employees about wellness benefits and other relevant perks.

Call to action:
Digital information displays are the perfect medium for calls to action. Perhaps you have an employee survey that needs to be completed, or you need people to test a product before a launch.

What’s happening:
Communicate internally where possible before you communicate externally. Let your employees know about future product launches before they hit the market. The same is true of change processes. Let employees know about them before the market does. If you have a customer event, you can generate interest and involvement by publishing this information far in advance.

Highlight joint activities at work and elsewhere that enhance the sense of community. A regular simple quiz is usually very popular.

Celebrate the completion of a project and present it to everyone internally. Tell the organization what the project meant, who was involved, what it achieved and its customer-related aspects.

Key Performance Indicators:
Data generates insight and helps us make better decisions. Analytics makes it possible to produce neat reports that present data simply and clearly. This data is interesting and motivating for the whole organization or a single department.

Social media:
Social selling is about creating relationships. What are your customers writing about you? Highlight social media posts and show them to your employees. This enables you to increase awareness of what is happening right now outside the walls of the organization.

Recycle your content

It is fine to recycle content as long as you do so cleverly. Content that is of general interest and is relevant over time may be repeated at regular intervals. So much good material is created in a large organization that content previously intended for external use can also be used internally to good effect.

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