"We are now able to communicate digitally when we are in meetings with customers."

cecilia bjorkengren– Cecilia Björkengren
Westra Wermlands Sparbank, Marketing Manager


Interview with Cecilia Björkengren, Marketing Manager, Westra Wermlands Sparbank

The bank recently decided to start using tablets (Mobile Signage) as part of its digital communication. What was the reason for this investment?
We saw a need for more information at our advisers’ desks. The tablets are now in place in several departments: Customer Service, Booked Advice, Home Loans and Business Support. We are now able to communicate digitally when we are in meetings with customers. These customer meetings are planned to take some time. At meetings, advisers often need to complete and print documents. When they are doing this, the customer has access to on-screen information. The aim is both to disseminate information and to make our customers think, highlighting services that are linked to the meeting.

Which information will be displayed?
As this is a new project, we currently only show our new promotional film about the bank. We are very proud of this film. In it, we explain our social engagement with the district and present some of our trustees, who are well known locally. We aim to develop more material to be shown in the near future. The messages will be simple, for example reminding customers of the importance of saving for a pension and information on different ways to save and other services.

How have customers reacted?
We have been asked many questions about our new promotional film. These questions have enhanced their understanding of the bank’s operations and values. When we increase our flow of information, we expect the same response.

How often will the content be updated?
Probably a few times a month. The promotional material will be shown for longer, while offers will be shown for a specific period of time. It is our procedure to review all content every week.

What are the main reasons for digital communication?
The bank needs to move with the times and digital communication is one step in this development. Westra Wermlands Sparbank has seven branches in various locations and each branch has its own local activities. With digital screens, we can quickly and easily manage all information from head office and adapt it for each branch.

How important is the flow of information and communication to the bank’s brand image?
Incredibly important, of course. We choose to communicate for a variety of purposes. Our primary aim is to promote the bank by creating recognition and communicating our engagement with the district and the values the bank represents. At each branch, there are local activities and we want to inform our customers about them.

We also want to highlight the services we offer. Digital screens are an excellent way of raising awareness and make it easy to make customers think about pensions, digital services, etc. All of these messages help enhance our brand.

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