01 Retail Apocalypse

The beginning of the year saw media headlines like ‘Retail apocalypse sweeps America’. The headlines were swiftly followed by speculation about the European market. Because one thing we know is that everything happens in the US first before it reaches us in Europe. There was talk of the feared tipping point at which e-commerce would reach a certain percentage of our total consumption.  Amazon was singled out as the major villain and, in Europe, Zalando could be a potential candidate. Just over a month ago, a new study was published that banishes the myth of the retail apocalypse. The study shows that the number of retail stores in the US increased in 2017. The retail trade is undergoing a process of major change, and the winners will be those who embrace change and innovation and focus on the customer experience. Greater digitization of physical stores both simplifies and enhances the customer experience.....

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