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01 Retail Apocalypse

The beginning of the year saw media headlines like ‘Retail apocalypse sweeps America’. The headlines were swiftly followed by speculation about the European market. Because one thing we know is that everything happens in the US first before it reaches us in Europe. There was talk of the feared tipping point at which e-commerce would reach a certain percentage of our total consumption.  Amazon was singled out as the major villain and, in Europe, Zalando could be a potential candidate. Just over a month ago, a new study was published that banishes the myth of the retail apocalypse. The study shows that the number of retail stores in the US increased in 2017. The retail trade is undergoing a process of major change, and the winners will be those who embrace change and innovation and focus on the customer experience. Greater digitization of physical stores both simplifies and enhances the customer experience.....

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Skånetrafiken continues to focus on digital communication for a smarter, smoother travel experience. They are now investing in an expansion of the infotainment system in another 53 Malmö city buses. The order value is approximately SEK 3.1 million and includes both system and screens.

Major efforts are being made to increase the number of passengers on public transport in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. Today’s travelers want an efficient, attractive journey and that includes getting more and better information during the journey. Relevant traffic information showing connecting traffic, the route and stops helps passengers plan their journey. At the same time, public transport needs a modern communication channel that provides full control over the flow of information and is fast and easy to operate. MultiQ offers a solution called Infotainment, a combination of information and entertainment.

"Interest in digital communication in public transport is increasing throughout the Nordic region, and Skånetrafiken is one of the leaders in this area. We have been working with Skånetrafiken for several years and we are proud to be part of their work to enhance the travel experience for passengers, " says Lars Pålsson, acting CEO at MultiQ.

The system will be delivered in autumn 2017.

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Latest news on Public Transport:

Meet us at InformNorden in Aalborg, Denmark, 13-15 september. What is Movia’s view of digital information in public transport?
What does the future hold for digital communication in public transport? 


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Retail In-Store gaming is undergoing a digitalization where dynamic and appealing digital signs are replacing printed signs.


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Travel in the future will be more personalized and involve several different means of transport. We will have more sustainable travel and passengers will have greater choice. Concepts such as Maas (Mobility as a Service), Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities are being discussed in relation to public transport. 

What is MultiQ’s role in the development of a good travel experience on public transport? For us, it’s all about communication. Effective communication makes public transport more attractive and in the long run gives us a smarter society

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Interview with Pernille Jørgensen, Area Manager Trafikselskabet Movia

What is Movia’s view of digital information in public transport?
Digital traffic information is an essential form of communication with users of public transport. Bus, train and metro customers want up-to-date, real-time information about departure times, options for changing between lines or modes of transport and in general when things happen that interfere with the journey they have planned. They want to be informed by the transport company about delays, changes and cancellations as early as possible, as it allows them to make changes to their journey or call and tell others that they will be delayed. When the transport company shares information as soon as it is known, customers feel that they are being taken seriously.

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MultiQ reports a quarter of growth and profitability. Continued focus on growth.

"We present a quarter of both revenue and earnings, which is a step in the right direction towards building a modern MultiQ. We are still working on growth in the markets where we invest the most, which is in digital solutions for public environments such as shops and passenger transport. Our offer is well-developed features for digital signage, information terminals, digital bus stops and similar products.

In a broader perspective, it is about the digitization of all kinds of activities, especially the technology called IoT, the Internet of Things, which simply means that all things will be connected to a central system over the internet.

For the future, we still see good opportunities for MultiQ with a clear focus on growth”, says acting CEO Lars Pålsson.

Read more in the half-year report (the report is in Swedish)

Half-year report 2017

MultiQ has received an order, worth SEK 2.7 million, for digital displays. The customer is a big wellknown player in the European gaming industry. The displays will be installed at the agents during August.

Our customer is continuing to develop the gaming experience at the gaming agents. A gaming experience that will generate both happiness and excitement. Through interactive displays the customer get access to both gaming information, odds and results. When the displays are not in use it is possible to present games and campaigns.

"We continue our investment in the gaming industry and can offer a complete solution for digital information, " says Lars Pålsson, acting CEO of MultiQ.

digital signage summit europe 2017 multiq

Digital Signage Summit Europe is Europe’s leading strategy conference and exhibition for the Digital Signage and DooH industry.

Some of the standout sessions of DSS Europe are the panel sessions hosted by the Summit chairman Florian Rotberg. In a 30-minute session entitled ‘Driving Consolidation – taking Digital Signage to the next professional level’, Rotberg will explore this issue with expert input from Lars Pålsson (CEO, MultiQ), Paul von Schubert (CEO, Gundlach SEEN MEDIA) and Leif Liljebrunn,(CEO, ZetaDisplay)

The discussion will tackle how the Digital Signage market has entered a new phase of industry consolidation as international projects become larger and more complex. This is causing customers to opt for larger, financially stronger business partners. This, in turn, has helped fuel a period of consolidation in the Digital Signage industry, with global and regional players being built through mergers and acquisitions.

Another session at this event will be with our customer Intersport. Thomas Just Rasmussen, COO and Co-Owner at Intersport Group Denmark will talk about "Customer Journey 2017 – New King, New Relationship, New Way Of Thinking” The topic will be about: How do retailers look to attract the ‘New King’? How do we maximise strengths and deliver a seamless set of experiences to our customers both online and offline?

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I was surprised when my daughter drew this on the whiteboard while visiting me in the office. The cartoon tells the story of a PC that notifies its owner that it has been stolen and provides the thief's exact address - allowing the owner to neutralise the thief and get her PC back. Without knowing it, she captured the essence of IoT in this little story: Smart devices that are aware of their surroundings, their own state and condition, and interact with other devices and their owner.

Daniel Bloch
CEO Norway

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The consumers’ constant consumption and behavior changes require an equally high innovation level in the retail sector and among the industry’s suppliers. Todays’ customers demand more news, inspiration, convenience, fair prices and new experiences. But what does this mean for retailers, and what consequences do digitization has for the physical store?

Invita, one of MultiQ’s customer, is presented as a customer case. Read about how RFID technology reduce the purchase decision process.

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Find out more about SHOP 2017, seamless communication and Bauhaus digital store concept.


10-11th of May you can find MultiQ at SHOP 2017, the top Nordic Retail event, taking place in Stockholm.

This event is the place to see all the new solutions for the retail business and you can find MultiQ in stand M:12. Welcome!


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Oslo's tourist office moved into modern new premises a few years ago. The move coincided with a major transformation in its activities. Where it was previously a more traditional tourist office, Oslo Visitor Centre now combines personal service with a wide range of digital aids. This attractive concept has received an award for innovation and the way it interacts with customers. Visitors have the opportunity to find out more about various areas, gain inspiration and read recommendations by others. Read more...

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Bauhaus wanted to improve the customer experience. Digitalisation is a growing trend in the retail sector and the DYI chain want to be in at an early stage of its development. Bauhaus can offer their customers better service by increasing the information flow in their stores. They reach more people, and they improve the service level, the atmosphere and their availability. Read more...

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This weekend the new buses to route 5C in Copenhagen were introduced. MultiQ is the supplier of the complete ITS solution in these new buses. This means that both hardware and software to the digital communication is delivered by MultiQ. Read more about these new innovative solutions here: New bus concept 

MultiQ recently participated at the Bus fair in Herning and the event was a success with a lot of visitors and many interesting discussions.
The new bus concept in Copenhagen, Route 5C, was well represented at the fair with a complete bus being available there. MultiQ is the supplier of the Digital Communication in these buses and with this delivery we present some new solutions for seamless passenger information.
If you did not make it to the fair and would like to know more about the new solutions for modern buses, please be welcome to contact us.

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Read the latest news from MultiQ for the Public Transport business:

Busmessen in Herning, Denmark, is the biggest bus fair in Scandinavia. This year it takes place the 23rd to the 25th of March. It is an activity that gathers the whole bus transport business and as an important player MultiQ will of course be present at this event. You will find us in stand H6010 where we will be together with Mekasign, a partner to us.

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MultiQ is showing increasing revenues for the full year 2016 as well as improved quarterly earnings.

"We are happy to present increased revenues for the fourth quarter of 2016" says Lars Pålsson, acting CEO of MultiQ. He continues: "Our focus will now be growth" 

Read more in the Year-end report (The report is in Swedish).

Year-end report

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